LEATER is a partner of STEM education market leaders

Our solution portfolio has been replenished with new solutions for STEM education, which gained approval from the MES of Ukraine. By now Globisens digital labs, Gigo educational kits, Makeblock robotics and XYZ 3D printers will help children explore the natural sciences creatively using innovative technologies, teach your children to work in a team, argue, disagree, collaborate, solve problems and develop critical thinking.

Globisens digital labs is a modern, easy and incredibly interesting approach to the studying of the natural sciences. The laboratory includes Labdisc wireless measuring stations, GlobiLab data recording and analysis software, tablet PCs and a storage / charging system.


Gigo educational kits are a design system that develops children’s creativity and ingenuity, helps to study mathematics, physics, natural sciences, technology, and engineering. There are educational programs for the Gigo educational complex (more than 440 hours of study time for children from 7 to 15 years old).


Makeblock robotics is a leading global manufacturer of robotics for all ages. Children can create their own robots, learn programming and learn new technologies and the basics of artificial intelligence. There is education course as a help for teachers (120 hours, 108 models and 12 creative works).


 XYZ 3D printers are unique devices that should be in every school. They encourage students to engineering creativity, open the door to the 3D modeling world, 3D visualization and augmented reality, help teenagers to develop in the modern technologies world.


 We are changing traditional education so that children get knowledge and skills for the future.

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