Modern Technologies for Public Servants Collaborative Work

Modern Technologies for Public Servants Collaborative Work 

LEATER Company conducted a presentation-training for managers and employees of the All-Ukrainian Center for the Training of Public Servants and Officials. We have demonstrated modern information and communication technologies for collaborative work, education and training. We’ve presented our decisions on the new organization of the classroom environment and the use of IT and cloud technologies in distance learning.

Presenters were impressed with the possibilities of the presented equipment and technologies that can be used in their work and improve the quality of learning not limited of the audience space. The most interesting for participants were:

  • SMART Board Interactive Display;

  • SMART Kapp electronic flip chart;

  • Computer class on "thin client" technology;

  • Pedagogical technology of blended learning.

Презентація-тренінг ІСТ

Презентація сучасних ІКТ

LEATER Company is the leader of  Ukrainian market of solutions for collaborative work and training.

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