Public Project in Podilskyi District

Public Project in Podilskyi District

Within the framework of the public project "Interactive Boards for the study of subjects of the philological cycle in Podilskyi district", LEATER has successfully completed the equipping of school classes with modern interactive systems.

The beginning of the project was the presentation of LEATER Company's interactive SMART solutions for educational institutions of Podilskyi region at the end of February this year. In addition to the teachers of schools who are interested in creating modern conditions for classroom education, the head of the parent committee of secondary school №2 Marina Kuleyeva was present, who became the author and head of the implemented public project. According to Ms. Kuleyeva, the equipping of schools with modern high-quality multimedia systems is necessary, as it allows increasing the efficiency of the educational process and the quality of teaching, to create comfortable learning conditions in which each student feels his progress, intellectual ability and competence.

Within the framework of this project, LEATER Company delivered and installed equipment in 48 classes of six schools in Podilskyi district. Classes got interactive whiteboards SMART Board (Canada), software SMART Learning Suite (Canada), short-range projectors InFocus InV30 (USA) and notebooks DELL (USA). In addition, for 100 teachers of those schools certified SMART Trainer Yuliia Yukhymchuk conducted training seminars which acquainted the teachers with the main principles and methods of work in the SMART Learning Suite software.


The workshop plan covers a wide range of software features: from using a variety of SMART Notebook tools for creating unique interactive lessons to creating SMART lab gaming activities and a cloud-based solution SMART response 2. Teachers were excited about variety and high-tech of SMART Learning Suite tools, as well as how inspirational and how they help to create your own unique content.


LITER Company has been successfully implementing innovative solutions for educational institutions for more than 26 years. Thanks to this 7000 classes throughout Ukraine have the opportunity to work with the best interactive SMART systems, and more than 4,000 teachers, who have been trained to work with SMART Learning Suite software, every day use modern teaching technologies during the lesson. The LEATER Company invites educators, parents and representatives of educational departments to work together to implement progressive reform decisions that will ensure the success of new generations.

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