We invite You to visit our booth on “World Edu - 2017”

We invite You to visit our booth on “World Edu - 2017”

LEATER is leading system integrator and supplier of state of art IT communication technologies in Ukraine has the honor to invite You to visit our booth “World Edu - 2017” during 24-26 of October which will take place on Kiev, Palace of Children and Youth, 13, I. Mazeppa Str. 

We revolutionize the way modern schools operate and bring world-class educational environment to Ukrainian children. 
Our technologies and solutions enable new and innovative ways of teaching, making learning fun and easy again. Teachers now have audio and visual tools to grab and hold student’s attention, effectively assess their knowledge and bring more interactivity and engagement to daily learning. Interactivity motivates and inspires youngsters; use of personal devices for classwork improves student-school-teacher connection and relationship. Blended learning has already proven its efficiency worldwide.
With 25 years of hands-on experience in Ukraine and beyond, LEATER now is a trusted partner of world-renowned suppliers of educational solutions.

Here is what you get with our help:

Get Interactive
  • Interactive SMART Board Complex solutions with short-focus projectors; 
  • SMART Interactive displays;
  • Software for Interactive education; 
  • Innovational computer classes based on network terminals;
  • Educational facilities and equipment for 1st grade pupils of NEW UKRAINIAN SCHOOL.

Get Blended
  • Cloud-based system of testing and polling;
  • Using students’ personal devices;
  • Revolutionary organization of classwork.

Get Specialized 
  • Laboratory equipment for physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics and geography classes;
  • Specialized equipment for language laboratories;
  • Equipment of multifunctional educational laboratories.

Get Noticed
  • Audio and alert systems, school radio;
  • Digital clock systems (including precise time notifications) 
  • Video surveillance and access control systems;
  • Digital Signage systems to display help, navigation and other visual information.

Get Trained
  • SMART Educational Center and its certified trainers are ready to teach you and our team, how to apply SMART Interactive systems and build interactive lessons in SMART Learning Suite educational environment.

LEATER offers vast variety of technologies and software to integrate into Ukrainian educational system. Choose what suits you most or contact us for free consulting and advice.

World Edu - 2017

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