LEATER offers a wide range of solutions in the area of informational and communication technologies for modern passenger airport terminals.  

Our solutions are based on 20 years of experience of cooperation with the leading companies in this area: ARINC, AVIAVOX, BMG, BOSCH, CONRAC, CISCO, MICROSOFT, MITSUBISHI etc. We are distributors and partners of these companies. We have implemented many projects in Boryspil airport, Lviv airport and others. 

Passenger Air Transportation

Offered systems allow customizing of the registration of passengers and baggage in the best way. All the systems offered use the latest standards and technologies, recommended and developed by IATA and ICAO.

Air passenger traffic
  • systems of common use of airport resources (CUTE, CUPSS)

Automatization has changed the features of civil aviation, having introduced both advantages and some complications. Because of the variety of electronic systems at airports, users face a choice - to use their own equipment and systems, or to work in conjunction with the other users. CUTE-systems were developed to solve this problem.  

These systems allow airlines to contact their host systems (DCS), as you would do it on your own equipment. Thus, with the advent of CUTE-systems it became possible to use a single set of equipment for the different airlines. CUPPS is the new standard, replacing the CUTE-systems. We offer a high quality CUTE-vMUSE system by ARINC with unique price parameters.

  •  systems for registration of passengers and baggage (DCS)
For carriers, one of the key systems in passenger service is a system of passenger and baggage registration, which makes all procedures related to the processing of passenger flow and baggage automatic. The system not only provides printing of boarding passes and baggage tags, but also allows operators to proceed with registration as quickly as possible. LocalCheck manufactured by American company ARINC is the best choice for today's carriers.

Operation and Resource Management 

Resource management is an important mechanism in administration of any system and has direct influence on efficiency of using different resources and quality of service provided. 
Operation and Resource Management System

  • airport operational database (AODB)

Access for the staff to the airport operational and other flight information is the most important element of the various production processes at the airport. The main objective of the AODB is to store collected, processed, and other information related to airport operations, whether the flight data, schedules, data on building management and others.

AirDB from ARINC company uses modern ORACLE database, which makes the workflow effective, reliable with maximum performance.

  • message processing systems (message broker)

We propose InfoHUB product produced by the famous company ARINC will connect all IT-subsystem to work with the central database of the airport AODB.

  • resources management system

RMS (Resource Management System) allows you to automatically dispense airliners parking, buses, tractors, passengers boarding agents and dispatchers on organization of service of airliners on the apron with optimum precision. Implementation of this system will reduce the service time of the airliners, the number of flight delays and improve industrial safety.

  • electronic document circulation system

Electronic document circulation system are a unified mechanism for working with documents submitted in electronic form. We offer individual solutions for each customer.

Passenger Information

It is hard to imagine modern transportation without convenient systems of getting passenger information. Reliability of announcement and notification systems that we offer was proved by the largest transportation hubs in the world. 

  • Announcement and emergency notification system and passenger evacuation management system Praesidio

Praesideo system (Bosch, Belgium) is an undisputed leader in the area of announcement, emergency notification and passenger evacuation management system. Over 15 000 Praesideo systems are installed all over the world. Excellent sound quality, universal system and constant enhancement program make Praesidio system the leader on the market. 
Passenger information display system

  • System of automatic announcement compilation and broadcasting AviaVox

System of automatic announcement compilation and broadcasting AviaVox (Netherlands) was developed specifically for professional announcements in airport passenger terminals and is based on the newest phonemic technology that ensures much better quality of the messages. 

Aviavox announcement system supports more than 15 languages and operates in the largest international airports, including International Boryspil Airport thanks to LEATER specialists. Thanks to this project, AviaVox system learned to speak Ukrainian too. 

  • Exact  time indication system with the correction of the clock using satellite time signal

Exact time indication system is a complex of devices ensuring displaying of one precise current time on each clock of the premises. The system is resistant to abrupt changes in voltage and environment temperature.  

In general the system provides: 

  • exact time indication;
  • synchronized indication of exact local time and date on each remote clocks and the information panel of the premises, as well as indication of local, UTC time and date on the clocks in the control room and navigator room;
  • automatic switch for daylight saving time and back;
  • automatic date correction in leap-year;
  • indication of exact time and date at the digital clocks after power restoration;
  • output of controlling signals for actuating devices at time precisely set (switching on/off sound signals, the lights etc).
  • clock functioning without time indication during a year in case of power cut;
  • enabling synchronization for external network devices (servers and workstations of computer networks) by local or UTC time;
  • enabling time synchronization in service systems, security, access control, FIDS and other systems that require precise current time for operations. 

Passenger information display system based on alphanumerical displays and monitors

The system is intended to provide information for the passengers inside airport terminals at the level of European standards. System comprises of means of prompt passenger notification: multifunctional displays (by Conrac and BMG, Germany) and information displays (BMG, Germany), cable network for data transmitting, terminal, telecommunication and computer equipment, means to provide smooth operation, and special software. System operates mainly in automatic mode. Just one controller is needed to manage information output on all display devices in manual mode and monitor its technical state. High reliability and failure-resistance is an important advantage of the system, which is ensured with the help of certified equipment, specialized software of the highest world class, and double backup of the main components. Failure-resistant operation of the system proved by its exploitation at Kyiv Railway Station, Boryspil airport and many other locations is an excellent proof of technical perfection of this system. 

This system is the recognized leader among passenger information display in Europe. 

  • system for displaying advertising and other information based on multimedia video panels

Digital signage system

As multifunctional information display facilities in the airports, information displays of various types can be used: LED (mainly for external solutions), with LCD matrices, or, less frequently, projection solutions. Due to the built-in digital controller, information is transferred to displays on digital data transmission channels, and the exchange of information is controlled and managed by a special server. This allows building complex systems, in which the information display is distributed by location and time on the set of information displays combined by cable network, e.g., LAN. Multifunctional information displays are used to display schedules, background information, text ads, plans and diagrams, graphics, photos, video presentations, commercials, television broadcasts, information obtained in the Internet (weather forecasts, currency exchange rates, current news, etc.).

Airport Security System

Security system is an integral part of the airport and participates in every operational process. Out solutions to provide comprehensive security are based on using the complete range of fire and guarding security, access control, video surveillance, and analytics. The highest quality is ensured by using the complete range of Bosch equipment: please see a separate file. Airport security service, customs, border guards, police, air companies and retail shops are interested in using reliable video surveillance systems. Bosch BIS and MileStone product family can be effectively integrated with many hardware means, enabling groups of people involved to monitor the situation with the help of appropriate systems, and perfectly fulfills its surveillance task along perimeters and at the remote facilities and buildings. 

  • Checking suspicious persons at passport control/check-point
  • Perimeter protection
  • Detecting suspicious luggage
  • Avoiding non-authorized access to the guarded areas
  • Identification of suspicious transport vehicles
  • Video surveillance over the runway, adjacent territories, objects, terminal halls with the help of controlled sensitive cameras
  • Access control system
  • Access control system using biometrical data
  • Control over the passenger movement on the territory of the airport
  • Smart system of detecting alarming situations
  • System of cargo load/ unload control
  • Equipment for cargo x-raying
  • Parking lot management
  • Lost and found service
  • Processing of the luggage/lost items
  • Monitoring the amount of time spent in the queues at the check-points and redirecting of the passengers
  • Watching the airplanes during take-off and landing
  • Providing passengers with meals and processing the baggage according to the highest standards
  • Managing operations on refueling
  • Monitoring the situation in the area of immigration and customs control
  • General video surveillance in the areas of arrivals and departures, shops and at the gates