AV&IT consulting services

AV&IT consulting services

LEATER provides professional services on consulting and design of AV and IT infrastructure solutions. Our AV and IT architects, certified designers and engineers will determine the objectives together with the customer’s team and will help you to find the optimal solution to the assigned task. If you choose consulting and design services by LEATER, you receive valuable knowledge and assistance in audio, video, engineering, programming, etc. provided by the professionals who are knowledgeable in the latest AV and IT technologies and know how these technologies will help to make your work more efficient.

Prior to start of their work on the project, our certified specialists clarify the needs and study all the details to ensure the expected result.

Диаграмма консалтинг, проектирование

Smart concept of implementation of the information systems, created with consideration of business specifics and goals, will not only increase the efficiency of your company’s activity, but also create tangible competitive advantages. We spare no time to learn how your organization works and what changes are required to improve the efficiency of interaction and cooperation of your employees and teams.

Our services in the area of AV and IT consulting: 

  • Audit of AV and IТ-infrastructure of the company.
  • Development of the concept of creation / optimization / development of information systems. 
  • Analysis of existing technologies and introduction of new technologies in the business processes of employee interaction.
  • Recommendations on selection and implementation of variety of sectoral AV and IT solutions. 
System design is an integral part of any project and is carried out in accordance with the basic customer requirements, state construction regulations of Ukraine and safety standards.

We provide design of the following systems:

1. Design of AV-systems for equipment of conference rooms, negotiation rooms, training centers:  

  • information display system in the room;
  • sound system;
  • conference system and simultaneous interpreting system;
  • video and audioconference systems;
  • lighting control system;
  • curtain system in the room;
  • system of equipment complex control in the room.

2. Design of visualization and display systems:
  • equipment of dispatching and situational centers;
  • design of systems for television studios;
  • Digital Signage system;
  • media facades;
  • internal and external LED screens;
  • video walls;
  • electronic queues.

3. Interactive systems: 

  • system of the building navigation
  • interactive systems for training and presentations
  • virtual reality systems for simulators and gaming complexes.

4. Systems for private sector:
  • home theaters
  • “smart home” control system

5. Security systems: 
  • system of automation and dispatcher control of the building
  • video surveillance system
  • perimeter security system
  • intrusion and fire alarm system
  • fire alarm system
  • access control system
  • system of background insonation of public areas.

6. Structured cabling systems (SCS): 

  • vertical and horizontal SCS
  • telephone communication system
  • cable television system.

Design includes the development of technical specifications, preparation of the detailed project, and delivery of as-built documents. 

Technical specifications are developed on the basis of Customer’s requirements for the systems. 

We help our Customers at the stage of development of TS and create an optimal solution together. 

Detailed project design is provided in full and shall be issued in accordance with the established norms and international standards.

The as-built documents are issued after work completion, with all the corrections and amendments introduced during the implementation stage.

If necessary and in case when the project is limited in time, it is possible to start execution of work after approval of technical specifications and design the systems simultaneously with the implementation of the project. 

The cost and schedules of design completion are agreed at the stage of preparation of the technical specifications, when the scope of work and the list of systems are clear.