Aviation (Flight) Training Simulator

Aviation (Flight) Training Simulator 

Aviation (flight) training simulator is an imitator of the flight designed for pilot ground training. Flight simulator recreates flight dynamics and system operation of an aircraft by means of special models implemented in the software of simulator computer system. 

Авиационный тренажер

Pilot training on aviation simulator is one of the most crucial elements to ensure safety of an aircraft operation. It minimizes negative impact of so-called ‘human factor’, i.e. minimizes possibility of erroneous actions taken by the crew.

Due to development of digital technologies, modern aviation training simulators reached such a level of development that training of the pilots on training simulators has become more effective than on real aircraft. The thing is that in a real flight the crew is obliged to spend a lot of time doing routine operations that are not connected to specific training tasks.

At the same time special software of the training simulator makes it possible to change flight conditions immediately: weather, geographical location, stop the task to review and repeat etc. The training simulator provides a possibility for unlimited number of trainings for actions in emergency situations, some of which are either dangerous to work on in real flight or are forbidden to work on during real flight. Moreover, pilot training at flight simulators has its economic advantages. 

КТС 148

Complex Training Simulator for AN-148 Aircraft 

Complex training simulator for AN-148 aircraft created for SOE “Antonov” is unrivaled, both for its abilities and visualization quality.

Aviation training simulator has the highest level “level D” according to qualification by International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).  

"LEATER” is the partner of State-Owned Enterprise “Antonov” and the following solution manufacturers: BARCO, MOOG, and Bosch REXROTН.

We are ready to offer solutions of different level of complexity, including creation of the complex aviation training simulator of level D, according to qualification by International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).