Car Number Plate Recognition System

Car Number Plate Recognition System

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) is the ability to automatically recognize the symbols contained in the number plates of a motor vehicle when read from an image provided by video surveillance cameras for the purposes of further processing by a security system. 

In general, a number plate recognition system consists of a "frame-grabbing instrument" capable of capturing an image, searching for a number plate's position within the image, and subsequent singling out of the relevant symbols with the aid of optical character reading (OCR) tools, which translate the image pixels into visually readable digits.

Among the errors the new APNR technology is fighting against are the vague visual limits of symbols within a number plate due to a camera's bad focus or due to the movement of a car as well as the acute-angled images due to a camera's bad shooting angle and low contrast. Number plates may look unclear due to bright light of a vehicle headlamp or due to reflected sunlight and, in addition, some other factors may also influence the image sharpness. 

Automatic number plates recognition system cameras:  

Система распознавания автомобильных номеров

Although some regular video surveillance cameras may often be used for this purpose, such cameras usually have low resolution. Moreover, they require good illumination onsite, work poorly when automotive lights are used at nighttime, have a rather low shutter speed and, consequently, can only be used in the case of non-moving vehicles.

As the core component of the system for providing images, the specially designed cameras Bosch REG-X are used. The REG-X cameras are based on award-winning technologies and provide absolute productivity when capturing vehicle number plates. The REG-X cameras provide perfect images both at daytime and at night, while the technology for eliminating excess details ensures the reliable readout of a number plate. A powerful infrared array with the wavelength of 850 nm ensures the operation of the REG-X cameras under any kind of illumination conditions, including complete darkness and blinding headlights. The 35 mm fixed focus lens provides the effective image with the resolution of 400 TVL at the distances of 11 m to 18 m. The REG-X cameras are easily integrated with regular dashboard cameras and are compatible with the IP66 standard to work under severe environment conditions.