Control and Situational Rooms

Control and Situational Rooms

Turnkey development and implementation of control and crisis centers is one of the LEATER’s specializations. We built the first control centre back in 1996, and since that time we see our task as of system integrator of AV&IT solutions, to provide our customer with modern technologies, reliable equipment and full integration with existing infrastructure from the concept and project development to implementation, warranty and maintenance of the complete control center. 

Control center, Situational center, Control room, are, first of all, a tool of manager’s work used to evaluate crisis or current situation; a tool that helps to model and control financial and economic state of the region, social sphere, and evaluate risks of emergency situation occurrence. That is why each competent manager should be interested in setting up a situational centre / control room. 

Benefits of Offered Solution: 

  • High effectiveness for organizing monitoring and management of separate technological processes that require attention from control service;
  • High reliability and maintainability, long service life, support of 24 hour operation;
  • Ability to gradually increase and update display system. 
Each control room requires individual well thought-out solution.

We will create required solution considering unique factors of area specifics of each control room. This ensures creation of special conditions to monitor:  

  • energy systems (electric, gas, oil),
  • transport flows (railway, automobile, air),
  • security (video surveillance, access control, alarm, fire-extinguishing). 
Control room requires a complex of equipment, including a system of information visualization constructed on the base of a screen of collective use (video wall), to display computer and video information, as well as a complex of additional equipment.  

Structure Scheme of Control Room: 

Structure Scheme of Control Room

Equipment composition for display system of collective use:

Video wall is a main part of complex display system for control information. It is a multi-screen system. Depending on requirements for a system, few technologies to form an image can be offered:

  • Video wall made of projection modules;
  • Video wall made of monitors (plasma or LCD displays);
  • Projection system on the basis of projector and screen. 
The video wall can be used to display information windows from surveillance cameras and broadcasting media channels, and show images received during video conference.


It is worth mentioning that display of collective use on the basis of graphical video wall reflects modern tendencies and approaches to equipment of facilities with 24 hour personnel work, includes image technology elements underlining uniqueness of solutions used and original style. Installation of information visualization system will become a signature feature of your company.  

As of today, few dozens of locations in Kyiv and few thousand in Europe are equipped with graphical video walls on the basis of projection modules.

Graphical video walls are multiple screen systems constructed from separate elements – projection modules (video cubes). Each projection module is a fully functioning means for information display. Due to high basic resolution, the system constructed from several modules has large informational capacity. For example, video wall comprised of ten projection modules in the configuration 5x2 with each module’s definition of 1024x768 pixels has total screen definition of 5120x1536 pixels. 

Video wall is collected from projection modules using seamless technology. Projection modules are rigidly mounted and installed on the rack. 

Due to module construction, it is possible to increase video wall screen size vertically and horizontally by installing new projection modules. 

Graphic Controller:

Powerful graphic controller ensuring integration of video sources and source data on a video wall. This controller is able to manage video walls of practically unlimited size. Due to broad band of bus transmitting, integration is possible up to 320 external video sources. Windows with data or video sources can be scaled and moved freely around the video wall screen. It ensures reliable and stable video wall 24/7/365 operation.

Гибридный контроллер видеостены Mitsubishi

Operators consoles: 

Work space organization remains an important aspect for work productivity, attention focus, and work efficiency of controllers and personnel in the control room. Technological furniture of the control room combines high quality, functionality, considers ergonomic and technological requirements of the premises and technological processes. In this furniture everything is taken into account: built-in channels for cables, comfortable monitor bracing, incline sizes and angles are calculated. All of this provides comfort at the working place for controllers during many hours of working non-stop. Furniture has 10 years of warranty.