Hotel Complexes

Hotel Complexes

Modern hotel complexes have reached a new level. Hotel complexes are not just ‘a place to stop for a night’ anymore, like it used to be. They have to fulfill all the requirements for safety and reliability, providing optional services for entertainment and rest, holding business events, conferences and banquets, satisfying guest’s needs from the moment of check-in till check-out and payment, creating the positive image of the hotel, gaining a certain status and positive reviews of the guests. 

For hotel complex equipment LEATER offers security systems - video surveillance, access control systems, fire alarm systems and background synchronizing system in hotel areas; installing interactive television system, IP-telephony and safe deposit boxes in the hotel rooms; installing modern audio and visual systems in multifunctional conference halls and ball-rooms; installing visualization and sound systems in the restaurants, recreation areas and SPA-centers; informing guests about events and services offered by hotel by means of distributed advertising and reference information system Digital Signage.

Hotel Video Surveillance System

Nowadays security video surveillance system is an integral element of hotel security provision.  It is responsible for control of the rooms and territories during the day and in the night with the help of security monitors. Events can be archived in twenty-four-hour recording mode, in the mode of recording by motion detector circuit, or in the mode of scheduled recording. 

The system of security video surveillance may include IP-cameras, video processors, video information display units (monitors), video information recording and storage devices. Fixed and robotized indoor and outdoor cameras are used to construct the system. 

To provide services for the big facilities it is preferable to install automatic security system complex comprising of: 

  • fire alarm system,
  • fire notification system,
  • security alarm system,
  • security video surveillance system,
  • access control system.
BIS (Building Integration System) software complex is meant for integration of all the parts of automatic security system. 

This complex is an integral platform to join all security and other systems, such as engineering equipment required for normal functioning of stand-by and controlling services.  

Interactive Hotel Television System

Interactive hotel television system is designed to provide guests with information services and communication with hotel services in the interactive mode via TV sets. The system greets the guest in the room with a welcome message and introduces the hotel services in a quick and simple way, helps a guest to order room service online, organize their leisure time or provide enjoyable time of relaxation while watching TV shows and films. 

All the functions of the menu system are brought to the screen with TV remote control by simply pressing a button.

The television system provides the following functions:

  • Welcome message for the guest
  • Direct messages for the guest
  • Paid TV
  • Video on demand
  • Internet
  • Account review
  • Clock and Alarm
  • Order of services and room service
  • Information on leisure activities
  • Notification in case of emergency
The construction of the TV system provides the integration with the hotel control system, which makes it possible to carry out those functions automatically. 

Hotel Safes

Using unique protective materials, the original block locking mechanisms system, the optimal combination of locks of different constructions and many other details provide reliable protection against fire and burglary. 

Hotel safes operate on personal 4-10-digit pin-codes chosen by the guests. They are equipped with LCD display and easy-to-use buttons, while their sizes allow storing valuables, documents and laptop. Safe deposit box is protected from guessing the pin-code: the number of possible attempts of incorrect pin-code entry is from 0 to 10, the lock period after exceeding the number of incorrect pin-codes input is 1 to 30 minutes.