Interactive restaurant

Interactive restaurant

Interactive restaurant is a new concept for a restaurant where visual and interactive technologies are used as a means of additional interaction with the visitors.

Current technologies are able not only to attract more customers, but also optimize work of the personnel, for example, with the help of interactive menu.

Using virtual reality technology that has incorporated the latest achievements in information technologies and three-dimensional graphics, interior of the restaurant can be turned into a spectacular amusement.

How the system of interactive restaurant works

The projection system based on projectors and wide-format screen, located along the perimeter of the restaurant hall, allows displaying various information and immersing guests in exciting journey over the starry sky, the high seas, and world sightseeing attractions.

Other display facilities, such as LED displays, LCD panels and video walls, can also help making the concept of the place vivid and active. The ability to update the content makes it possible to make quick and fundamental changes of the interior. 

Due to the dynamic interior, it is possible to recreate a journey across distant countries, Formula 1 races, nature of an uninhabited island etc.

Interactive touch-sensitive table

Интерактивный стол для ресторана

Installation of interactive displays on visitors’ tables in the restaurant is offered for interactive communication between customers and waiters and getting additional services. Using a control unit and a monitor located on each table, it is possible to view restaurant menus, see the bills,  planned events, call the waiter, display current discounts, "Hot deals" from the chef, watch advertising video, etc.

In addition, the table surface may itself be completely interactive as well. Thus, all dishes can be visualized for the client, and the orders can be made simply by pressing selected dish.

Interactive bar counter

Interactive bar counter attracts attention due to variety of effects that appear and disappear with the touch of the hand, visualizes the object underlay on the counter (glasses with drinks, phones, etc.), identifies the touch, and recognizes objects.