Safe City

Safe City

Modern city concept is based on providing comfortable living environment for population by means of innovative technologies. Implementation of these technologies enables using all municipal maintenance systems in a cost-effective and environmentally friendly manner. 

A perfectly operating security system forms the basis for a modern city infrastructure. An innovative component of security system is integrated into the information and analytical complex - Safe City.

Safe City is an informational and analytical complex comprising of multiple systems, which operate automatically and ensure control, prevention and coordination of a large number of processes related to security and human activity in the urban environment. This complex set of systems also provides monitoring, analysis and management of all municipal services as a single mechanism.

Safe City informational and analytical complex is the cornerstone of progress in all areas of human activities in terms of a district, town, city, or any other territory. 

Security Structure of a Modern City:

Security Structure of a Modern City

Each of these subsystems has its own threat model, which we would like to stay safe from. Moreover, this threat model will be changing in the course of time, and Safe City complex has to take possible changes into account. For this purpose we have developed a simple, flexible and multisystem infrastructure for Safe City informational and analytical complex. It has three levels:

Flexible and multisystem infrastructure for Safe City

1st level – Monitoring  

  • CCTV cameras;
  • Telemetry system;
  • Terminal complexes for emergency communication;
  • Departmental gateways and information systems.
All the monitoring equipment transmits information from this level to the second level.

2nd level – System. At this stage information is being delivered, accumulated, stored and processed. Access to this level is arranged for everyone who needs to obtain this information.

  • Multisystem network for data transfer;
  • Centers (municipal and/or district) for data accumulation, storage and processing;
3rd level – Management (User)At this level analysis and decision-taking is performed.

  • Situation centers;
  • Dispatch centers;
  • Local monitoring centers.

Safe City informational and analytical complex is based on an integrational platform. It ensures end-to-end communication and processing data, integrity and consistency of information traffic and procedures in terms of departmental cooperation. All restrictions of access rights to information are strictly regulated by relevant departments.

The main body, in fact, the eyes of Safe City Information and analytical complex is a regular system of urban surveillance. It is a set of measures aimed at equipping streets, buildings, facilities, building adjacent territories, industrial plants, transportation hubs and crowded places with video fixation systems, in order to prevent and minimize the occurrence of all kinds of crimes. The video surveillance system not only performs video recording and registration of events, it has a built-in intelligence to respond to numerous situations that occur every second in the vicinity: 

  • Monitoring of emerging crowded areas and heavy traffic;
  • Inadequate human behavior (if a person stands still for a long time or abruptly runs, that is unusual for a common human behavior …);
  • Recognition of faces, car license plates for their further verification against databases of suspected persons or stolen vehicles ;
  • Monitoring of suspicious objects (abandoned suitcases, boxes, cars…)
The system informs about live events, and a further decision is made by a human. For instance, cooperation with a patrol service may take place by means of a feedback system and where necessary operation information may be displayed on a tablet PC for a quick response. 

The key efficiency indicators of Safe City information and analytical complex will be as follows:
  • Increase of alert level for all critical incident response and prevention bodies in terms of prevention and elimination of emergency situations ; 
  • Efficiency increase in monitoring of critical and potentially dangerous objects of infrastructure and social area; 
  • Significant reduction in the number of emergency situations, crime, death and injury of people, including improvement of crime detection rate; 
  • Minimization of damage during or resulting from emergency situations; 
  • Improvement of a response speed of all services participating in Safe City complex and reduction of time on consequences elimination;

We are ready to share our experience in building the security system and present our solution in more detail.