Solutions for Collaboration

Solutions for Collaboration

Interactive solutions provide incredible possibilities for collaboration. Interactive smartboards and interactive displays combined with software create conditions for the most effective interaction possible among participants in the teams and groups, no matter where they are located. 

Many corporations wonder how they can improve collaboration and teamwork in their company. The answer is here: by implementing interactive solutions in the corporate environment. 

SMART Technologies, the leading manufacturer of interactive equipment, announced the findings of the global research, which showed connection between use of the modern technologies for collaboration and success of the business. 

Brainstorming Interactive Complex

Interactive complex SMART Board SBX885ix ensures that all the ideas are written down and can later be transformed into a complete concept. This set includes interactive whiteboard SMART Board with functions of gesture recognition and multi-touch, ultrashort-focal-length multimedia overhead projector that nearly eliminates shadows and flares and supports high definition (HD) image transmission format, as well as software to create and demonstrate interactive slides. 

Brainstorming Interactive complex

Due to its Touch technology, interactive complex SMART Board SBX885xi offers the following features to participants: 

  • the most natural way to manage content with the help of the touches;
  • possibility to write down any idea over any image;
  • making changes or corrections in the shared document;
  • launch any applications and video;
  • save and send the result of work to participants. 


Interactive whiteboard or interactive display SMART Board in your conference room or meeting room will become the perfect tool for group work and will help the team to focus on one goal, interact with each other efficiently, significantly shorten the time for finding solutions and making changes and future meetings and discussions. 

Interactive Collaboration System

High quality of the image, big interactive surface brings new enhanced efficiency to the meetings. 

Simple touch of the surface of the interactive board or interactive display SMART Board lets the user choose the menu and icons, open the documents, web-sites and video, or move the objects as easily as you do it on your tablet personal computer. 

Available features for collaboration: 

  • the largest sensor surface for working by touch and with gesture recognition (finger is mouse, marker is writing, palm is eraser);
  • electronic ink, eraser to write and correct over any image;
  • handwriting recognition and transforming it into typed text;
  • simultaneous work of two users on one board;
  • possibility to save notes and send them to participants;
  • using SMART Bidgit software, you can work together on one document no matter where team participants are located.

 SMART room.jpg

Using touch and functions of the interactive board or interactive display SMART Board you can make your presentation more visual, lively and interesting. Thus you can help your audience to understand main ideas, discuss important aspects and make well-grounded decisions. 

Interactive displays

SMART Board 6055/6065 interactive displays are equipped with high quality 4К (3840х2160) LED matrices with excellent colour rendition.  Display’s anti-flare surface makes it comfortable to watch it regardless of the place or viewing angle.

Remote Work

The basis of solution for remote work is collaboration of the users over the documents in real time, regardless of their location and display devices. 

Using hardware and software SMART complex, you can organize joint sessions, meetings and conferences, involving local and remote participants, thus ensuring access to information and full interaction between the team members. 

Regardless of your location, you will be able to collaborate with other participants of the meetings, in like if they were in the same room with you.

With the help of webcams or videoconference system, you can see video broadcasts of participants. 

Use SMART solutions both in LAN and WAN networks, supporting public connection scripts using specific domain name.  

For the companies that have Microsoft® Lync® as a corporate standard for their internal communications, SMART Room System™ solution was developed. It is meant for meeting rooms and conference rooms of any level. 

SMART Room System™ for Microsoft® Lync®

Solution SMART Room System is a set comprising of:  

  • One or more SMART interactive displays
  • Wide-angle high-definition camera
  • Speakers and microphone
  • Control console with 11.6-inch display

Each component was developed and produced by SMART for simple integration that provides an excellent experience of meetings and great results of such meetings. 

SMART Room System