Video Management Software

Video Management Software

Numerous corporations and enterprises around the world purchase Video Management Software in order to increase safety of their infrastructure and facilities in different locations.

Software for Video Management Systems  

Specialized software for video management systems increases general safety due to reduction of response time to event, which allows law enforcement bodies and special forces to act in a more efficient manner in case of emergencies. 


LEATER creates complex solutions developed on the basis of products by Milestone Systems, one of the leading producers of video management systems.  

Milestone allows building a complex solution with operating management centers displaying hundreds of cameras on the video wall. In case of any event identified by the in-built camera analytics or the external analytics integrated with Milestone (by motion sensor, crossing the lines, a scream, a gunshot, suspicious abandoned objects etc), it significantly increases efficiency of response systems. 

Tasks on systematization of information traffic solved by Milestone video management software at the enterprise:

  • Monitoring hundreds of cameras placed around the enterprise and its remote offices and territories. Management of unlimited number of cameras.
  • Prompt response to alarm actuation.
  • Anytime access to video records and archives of critical situations for various services with distinct access rights differentiation (Ministry of Internal Affairs, Security Service of Ukraine, firefighters, operators…).
  • Simple navigation between video management subsystems that are geographically distributed.
  • Active management of several cameras simultaneously.
  • Possibility of integration of an open platform with products and software of third party producers, for instance, video analysis systems, face recognition or car license plates recognition.
  • Use of multilevel systems with different access rights.
  • Access possibility from any computer or on-the-go (hot plug). 
For systems requiring maximum situational awareness and accurate reaction to events, Milestone XProtect platform provides multilayer interactive maps with binding signaling devices. It also allows creation of situational centers with minimum time response and support of displaying any information on a shared video wall - Smart Wall. 

Peculiarities of VMS Milestone:

  • Software adaptation to customer’s needs. In the course of a system extension the customer always suggests new requests for management of customer’s video surveillance system. Thanks to Milestone open platform, these requests are possible to implement.
  • Compatibility with third party hardware. Freedom in choice of cameras, servers… i.e. compatibility with products of other manufacturers allows integrating video management systems that are either built on a single brand or various manufacturers.
  • Open SDK module. It allows to adapt and integrate Milestone products with video analytics, business solutions like ERP systems, hardware (analog, IP cameras, access control system…), which are already available for the customer.
This approach to development of its products by XProtect led the company to the leading position on the market of VMS platforms. These products solve tasks both for small installations and major geographically distributed facilities. They are characterized by steady operation and broad functionality.

High system efficiency on XProtect platform is provided by architectural specifications of a software solution and a balanced set of functions: 

  • Centralized system management and single control interface.  
  • Unlimited number of cameras, servers, users. 
  • Automated server back-up. 
  • Optimization tools for use of network band. 
  • Optimization tools for use of CPU resources. 
  • Optimization tools for use of disks space. 
  • Interactive multilayer map connected to the alarm management center.

Milestone Frontend Applications 

A frontend application is required in order to work with Milestone system. Three types of frontend applications exist, and they fully cover every possible way for workplace arrangement and access to the complex.

Видеонаблюдение Milestone

  • SMART client. It is a professional tool for a video operator (dispatcher) that enables to arrange a big monitoring station using a map of an object, an alarm monitor, irregular cameras surveillance and various customizations. 
  • WEB client. Way of accessing mobile service using an IP address. 
  • Mobile client. It is complicated for content transfer, usually due to a narrow channel, but a special algorithm of this client provides optimization of the video stream by means of converting possibilities of transmitting channel. It supports IOS and Android platforms. 

See an example of arranging a workplace for a SMART client below.

Видеонаблюдение Milestone

On the picture (right-to-left) we can see a video wall with an object map, binding cameras and displaying cameras in a separate window, further, an archive review, a search of an object in a blue window, alarm monitors, detailed review monitors and additional monitors for operators with a live picture. 

LEATER is ready to develop a full-featured video management system in order to ensure security of infrastructure and all objects located in different areas for Ukrainian enterprises and companies of any size and scale.