Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance

Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) is a complex of equipment and software meant for monitoring the territory, activities and situations. Nowadays it is the most demanded system for security and monitoring purposes. Development of CCTV systems offers new opportunities not only for recording offenses but, more importantly, for preventing them. 

Key Functions of Video Surveillance

Система видеонаблюдения Safety of people / property in office premises, at home or in a country house. 

Installation of CCTV cameras helps not only to prevent crimes due to visual control but also to charge criminals using the information recorded by video camera.

Control over manufacturing and other technological processes, control over staff work

Video surveillance system installed in manufacturing departments or warehouses repeatedly proved its efficiency and cost recovery owing to significant reduction of risks.


If you install a video surveillance system you will be able to: 

  • monitor every stage of manufacturing process;
  • prevent quality failure, violation of working conditions, safety rules;
  • have full and recorded data about production accidents;
  • prevent thefts and damage of manufactured goods and products as well as manufacturing equipment.

Видеонаблюдение на мобильном устройстве

CCTV also allows ensuring a remote control from video cameras through Internet on any personal device (tablet, smart phone, desktop). 

Places Where Video Surveillance Is Required

Видеонаблюдение на производстве

  • Factories, plants and other industrial enterprises.                        
  • Video surveillance in manufacturing departments.
  • Banks, office centers, business centers.
  • Shopping malls, logistics centers.
  • Outdoor facilities, building sites, warehouses, elevators.
  • Passenger stations, railway stations, transport.
  • Apartments, houses, offices, country houses.

Producers of Video Surveillance Systems

FLIR, Bosch, Gazer, Dahua, Hikvision, GeoVision, Axis, Samsung, Avigilon, Panasonic. 

We work with leading producers of CCTV systems.  Due to variety of represented brands we can complete the project meeting the customer's requirements and price expectations.

CCTV Solutions

“In package” CCTV solution  

CCTV solution + video analytics

CCTV solution + analytics
+ integration into the systems complex

For small office, small shop, country house, apartment.

Systems sets include cameras of outdoor and / or indoor surveillance as well as video recorders. 

Preferable brands:
Gazer, Dahua, Hikvision

For average and big offices, manufacturing enterprises, shopping areas.

Where necessary, specialized protected video cameras are installed at the enterprise premises. 

Video analytics will help to detect undesirable events, evaluate the staff work, analyze customers behavior, etc, depending on your business needs.
solution + video analytics

Preferable brands:
FLIR, GeoVision, Samsung

For large enterprises, industrial enterprises, transport terminals, shopping malls, banks.

Professional complex includes analytical video surveillance systems and integration with other security systems: 

security alarm system, fire alarm system, fire fighting systems, access control, automated parking lot etc.

Preferable brands:
FLIR, Bosch, Avigilon, 
Panasonic, Axis

Types of Video Surveillance

Security Video Surveillance

Система видеонаблюдения

Security CCTV system is meant for security protection and it includes: 

several video cameras, video signals processing devices, video information displaying devices (monitors), equipment for recording and storage of video information. The system of video surveillance in the center and adjacent territories and premises is built on basis of remote sensitive video cameras. Cameras may be installed indoor or outdoor.

Security CCTV System Ensures: 

1. Control over premises and territories during the day and at night time from the monitors.
2. Recording option by means of motion sensors. 

Technological (Industrial) Video Surveillance 

For manufacturing enterprises protected cameras can be installed. They can work under unfavorable technological and meteo conditions, as well as under complicated temperature conditions. 

Analytical Video Surveillance 

CCTV systems have gone beyond the scope of security functions long ago. Modern systems provide intellectual analysis of received video stream.

By means of a modern video analytics system it is possible to significantly extend the system functionality and reduce the number of staff involved. Operator does not have to constantly observe many monitors any more. The offenses are detected on the basis of event processing by analytical programs as well as signals from different detectors. Operator receives a signal about possible undesirable event or event that has already happened.

Video analytics systems are capable to: 

  • Recognize faces of wanted criminals. 
  • Detect thefts. 
  • Distinguish inadequate behavior of people. 
  • Classify different objects (animals, children, transport) in the area of surveillance.

Availability of these systems also provides broad possibilities for marketing analytics. For instance, they help to evaluate work of shop assistants in sales areas, estimate the best way of goods layout (according to customers’ behavior), as well as help to count visitors, fight queues, etc.

Integration of Video Surveillance with Other Security Systems

Complex integrated security system may consist of: 

  • Video surveillance system.
  • Access control system, which enables to keep a record of staff working hours, receive information about zonal location of employees.
  • System of automatic recognition of car license plates at the entrance or on parking lot, which gives visitors statistics, grants access to parking lot by permits.
  • Security alarm system, fire alarm system, firefighting system. Security functions are performed in the most efficient way with the help of motion detectors on video cameras and intrusion detection sensors. When undesirable event happens in a certain area, operator is immediately informed by the system.

Integrated security systems can be built on the territory of distant objects but have common control center.

LEATER performs sells, designs, installs and integrates CCTV systems with accompanying security systems. Taking into consideration customers' needs we choose equipment and systems, which meet both your technical and financial requirements. We provide "package" sales for personal needs or needs of small business, as well as major projects that include "Safe City" systems complex, equipping large manufacturing enterprises on a turn-key basis, etc.